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Electric Barbecue Grills

Electric barbecue grills for indoor and outdoor use.

Char-Broil 4654870 Patio Caddie Electric Grill
No description

Char-Broil 4654980 Patio Bistro Electric Grill
No description

Dimplex 3070 Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill
If you want a grill that can be used both on your patio and your kitchen countertop, Dimplex offers an electrifying solution. When you're not grilling on its 13-by-11-1/4-inch oval-shaped removable cooking surface, you can store the Dimplex 3070 snugly in the kitchen pantry, a corner of your deck, or any closet. This inventive grill stands a mere 42 inches high with the splashguard attached and 43-1/2 inches wide with the handy removable shelves attached. And the grill maneuvers easily, thanks to its lightweight plastic and aluminum construction. A cooking surface treated with a nonstick coating for easy cleanup in your sink and a multipath heating element for even heat distribution make this grill both practical and functional. The plastic shelves, which clip onto the legs at either end, will also fit into a sink for cleaning. With the shelves attached, this grill can be used as a cart with two tray levels to keep condiments and special ingredients at your fingertips. The cooking surface and drip catcher are both metal and the rest of the grill is made of plastic. An indoor/outdoor grill that is actually easy to clean and move is quite appealing. --Eli Huntington

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