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Barbecue skewers for grilling small items of meat and vegetables.

Weber 9015 Double Prong Skewers
Hold your delicate seafood, veggies, and fruits securely with Weber's 13-inch double-prong skewers. These dishwasher-safe, nickel-plated skewers are easy to turn and can be used on all 18-1/2-inch or larger kettles. One set includes eight bright skewers to pack full of your favorite delicacies. --Rhonda Langdon

Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue SR8026 Signature Stainless Steel Skewers, Set of 4 (5/8-inch Wide)
No description

Weber Style Professional-Grade 4-Piece Skewer Set
No description

Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue SR8027 Signature Stainless Steel Skewers, Set of 2 (7/8-inch Wide)
No description

KitchenAid Barbecue Double Prong Skewers
No description

Charcoal Companion Kabob Basket with 6 Skewers
Kabobs are a mouth-watering addition to the grilling experience, but they can be a mess to flip, especially when food sticks to the grill or falls off the ends. This nonstick kabob basket from Charcoal Companion is a really cool (or should that be hot?) solution. It clamps down on the six included skewers and has a long handle, enabling the most uncoordinated griller to flip all the kabobs at once without burning fingers or losing a single tender morsel. The skewers are shaped to prevent them--and the food--from spinning. Tender food such as fish and chicken won't stick to the grill because the basket holds the skewers about 1-1/2 inches above the surface. Before buying this, make sure your grill has an even heating area big enough to hold it: skewers and basket cover an area 14 inches wide (about 9-1/2 inches usable for food) by 13-1/2 inches long. --Dale Steinke

Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue SR8030 Knotted Bamboo Skewers Set of 24 (4-inch Long)
No description

Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue SR8028 Double Prong Bamboo Skewers Set of 16 (11-inch Long)
No description

Buckaroo Barbeque Kabob Rack and Skewers
No description

Buckaroo Barbeque Wild West Double Skewers
Rarin' to go as a fun gift, this set of four Western themed barbecue skewers comes packaged in a cowboy motif box. Each of the highly polished, solidly weighted chrome heads--in the shape of a covered wagon, cowboy hat, boot, and steer head--holds two flat nonstick skewers that keep food firmly in place. Overall, the skewers measure approximately 14 inches and are guaranteed to elicit a yeehaw from hungry cowpokes.--Ann Bieri

Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue SR8029 Double Prong Bamboo Skewers Set of 20 (6.5-inch Long)
No description

Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue SR8025 Signature Stainless Steel Skewers, Set of 6 (3/8-inch Wide)
No description

Calphalon Commercial Nonstick Skewers, Set of 6
No description

George Foreman 15-Inch Skewers, Set of 4
On a backyard grill, over a campfire, or under a broiler, these nonstick skewers hold chunks of meat, seafood, and vegetables so they cook with just the right flavor. Four skewers come in the set, each 15 inches long overall, 9 inches of which are for holding food. They have a nonstick surface that's resistant to high heat and makes them easy to scour, if needed, before going safely into the dishwasher. The handles are shaped so they can be gripped firmly, but they do heat up enough to require an oven mitt. --Fred Brack

Grilla Gear Kabob Rack and Skewers
Not only is grilling fun, it also leaves you with extremely tasty dishes--when it's done right. Grilla Gear's kebab rack and skewers make it much easier to grill kebabs to perfection. To guarantee even cooking, the rack holds the loaded skewers at a constant level in relation to the heat. The skewers also have flat blades, which keep food from sliding around when it's being rotated. The 16-1/4-by-10-inch rack folds in half for storing, and both it and the 13-1/4-inch skewers have a nonstick finish.--A.J. Rathbun

Jackes-Evans 40-122 Skewer Set
No description

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