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Grill CookingTips
By Emma Snow

Add some extra flavor to your grilled foods:

Tip #1
Using marinades or brushing sauces on the sausages will easily add a gourmet flavor. Brush the sauce on during the last quarter of barbecuing time.

Tip #2
For a delicious change, lay whole sage leaves, mint of bay leaves on the sausage, on the grill, or even skewered between chunks of sausage.

Tip #3
Never add salt until meat is cooked, as salt draws out the moisture, causing Pork to become dry and tough.

Tip #4
Grill using direct heat over low to medium coals.

Tip #5
Grill meat at low temperatures, and flip frequently to avoid charring.

Tip #6
Use charcoal lighter fluid to light new coals only; don't use it on coals that are already lit.

Tip #7
Burgers should always be cooked to well done.

About the Author
Emma Snow is contributing author and publisher to an on nline resource that provides you with information, articles of interest related to barbecues.

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