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Grill Sets

Barbecue grill sets and gear for cooking.

Mr. BAR-B-Q 18-Piece Stainless-Steel Tool Set
Serious barbecuers need serious tools, and this 18-piece set is about as serious as you can get. All the pieces are constructed of commercial quality stainless steel with wooden handles, and the six large tools feature textured rubber finger-grips. The set includes four steak-house quality knives that melt through even the thickest steak; precision grip tongs that pick up even a small slice of onion; three-pronged fork; long-handled knife; eight corn holders; basting brush; grill brush; and a 4-in-1 spatula that cuts with a sharp serrated edge, tenderizes meat, drains grease while lifting foods, and opens bottles. Held neatly contained in a durable plastic 23-by-12-by-3-inch carrying case, the set makes an impressive gift for the avid outdoor chef, and is covered by a five-year warranty against defects.--Ann Bieri

Mr Bar-B-Q 02077P 5 Piece Platinum Prestige Tool Set
For the new barbecue owner, Mr. Bar-B-Q offers their fundamental five-piece Platinum Prestige tool set. With a handy 4-in-1 spatula, fork, a fork, basting brush, knife, and tongs, the set provides all the basics required to cook a platter full of marinated steaks or old-fashioned hot dogs. The tools come in a special carrying case for storage and convenient travel to the park or on a camping trip.

All utensils feature attractive and durable commercial-grade stainless-steel construction. Long handles afford enhanced safety from burns. The 4-in-1 spatula works as a bottle opener or knife in addition to flipping juicy burgers. While dishwasher-safe for cleaning convenience, avoid the use of abrasives as they may damage the stainless steel's luster. The aluminum carrying case is equipped with straps and clasps to prevent the tools from rattling about while in transit. Mr. Bar-B-Q covers the set with a limited lifetime warranty. The set weighs 6 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

What's in the box
Stainless-steel tongs, knife, fork, basting brush, 4-in-1 spatula, and aluminum carrying case.

Weber 2501 All-Purpose Kabob Set
Grill zesty Polynesian shrimp and juicy pineapple with this kabob set from Weber. It includes six, single-prong skewers and a kabob rack. Skewers snap into the rack so food cooks over the grill, rather than directly on its grates. Use these versatile tools to barbecue unusual kabob fare--such as cherry tomatoes, tofu, peaches, or other delicate foods that bruise or char easily. This kit makes a great gift for vegetarian chefs who prefer their kabobs without meat residue from non-vegetarian grill grates.

The rack is made of heavy-duty steel, while skewers are high-quality stainless steel with attractive nickel plating. Circular skewer ends allow chefs to rotate kabobs for even cooking without removing the rack from the grill. This Weber rack fits 18-1/2-inch or larger charcoal, electric, and gas grills. For best results, hand wash both rack and skewers. The set measures 12-1/2 by 9-1/2 by 1-1/4 inches, and weighs 2pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

Mr. Bar-B-Q 5-Piece Oval Stainless Handle Tool Set
The five tools in this set from Mr. Bar-B-Qs Premium collection are constructed of brightly-polished, commercial-grade stainless steel. Oval-shaped tubular handles attached with heat-resistant material provide a smooth, comfortable grip for the sturdy, yet lightweight tools. The set includes a 4-in-1 spatula, fork, knife, tongs, and basting brush--the essentials for great barbecuing.

Providing a good reach on the grill, the tools range in length from 15-1/2 inches (knife) to 18-1/2 inches (spatula). Most versatile is the 4-in-1 spatula, which not only lifts and drains meats, but also cuts with a sharp serrated edge on one side, tenderizes meat with prongs on the other, and opens bottles with its loop end. Extra-large at 8 by 4 inches, the flat surface of the spatula can lift several burgers at once. The toothed tongs taper to a needle-nose point to grab or spear even the smallest piece of food; however, a strong grip is needed to hold these heavy-duty tongs together. Sharp, 3-1/2-inch tines on the fork spear everything from a whole chicken to thin hot dogs, while the knife with its seven-inch blade cuts through thick steaks with ease. The brush features a 1-1/2-inch wide basting surface. All tools can be hung, and are dishwasher-safe. --Ann Bieri

Whats In the Box
Grill spatula, fork, knife, tongs, basting brush.

Mr. Bar-B-Q 02155BBB 11-Piece, Finger-Grip Tool Set
Perfect for that backyard barbecue connoisseur, this 11-piece gourmet barbecue tool set features stainless steel construction for years of burger-flipping, kabob-building, and tofu-cooking fun. Mr. Bar-B-Q's ergonomic Finger-Grip design ensures more comfort and control. Any gourmet chef wouldn't settle for less. The purchase is covered by a 5-year manufacturer warranty (excluding brushes) against defects in material and workmanship. --Brian Olson

Mr. Bar-B-Q Stainless-Steel and Hardwood 5-Piece Barbecue Tool Set
A handsome present for the gourmet griller, this five-piece barbecue tool set from Mr. Bar-B-Q features professional-grade oversized tools in a hand-crafted wooden case. The collection includes a pair of tongs, spatula, knife, a meat fork, and a basting brush. All pieces are heavy to the hand and fitted with good-looking, rounded rosewood handles. The working ends of each tool are forged stainless steel with a full-tang construction--the metal piece runs all the way down the handle shaft--to ensure durability.

Other individual features that deserve special mention include the spatulas three working sides for flipping, testing, and scraping, and a handle ending in a built-in bottle opener. The basting brush has a 1-1/2-inch span of sturdy yet flexible bristles, while tongs feature gripping tines perfect for small pieces of chicken or grilled vegetables. All tools include holes for hanging storage, and securely fit into individual, Velcro-secured slots in the case. The set should be washed by hand for best results. Mr. Bar-B-Q includes a lifetime limited warranty. --Emily Bedard

Landmann Model 101373 Premium 18-Piece Grill Tool Set
No description

Charcoal Companion Grilling Basics For Dummies Mitt and Book Set
No description

Charcoal Companion Grilling Ribs For Dummies Set
No description

Charcoal Companion Grilling Kebabs For Dummies Set
No description

Charcoal Companion Chef's Grill Set
This gift set is great for vegetarian grillers or chefs who like to cook an entire meal on the grill. The set comes with a 12-by-13-inch perforated nonstick grid that is excellent for heating smaller vegetables without worrying about food slipping into the coals. A raised lip on one side helps you steady your spatula or tongs as you remove cooked foods. Also included is a set of 15-1/2-inch nonstick tongs with rubber-coated handles for flipping and removing sliced squash, cherry tomatoes, corn, and anything else worthy of cooking over the grill. Finally, a hot mitt in a zippy black and red chili pepper pattern completes the set. This grill gift makes an excellent gift. --Cristina Vaamonde

Charcoal Companion Grilling Basics For Dummies Set
No description

Charcoal Companion Grilling Ribs for Dummies Sauce Mop and Book Set
No description

Mr. BAR-B-Q Platinum Prestige 21-Piece Tool Set
e The perfect gift for a grillmaster with a James Bond bent, this ultra-complete barbecue kit by Mr. Bar-B-Q has every accessory necessary for prepping and grilling barbecue chow. The stainless-steel primary tools--fork, knife, tongs, 4-in-1 spatula, basting brush, and grill brush--have good heft and balance, plus they can hang by their handles. Four long skewers support kebabs for a group, and the cool- looking, minimalist corn picks keep cobs in place. There are even silo- shaped salt-and-pepper shakers for perfecting grill flavors. We like the details here, too: a spare head for the grill brush, a bottle opener on the spatula handle, and Velcro/elastic storage straps for the tools. Portable and efficient, the case has a snappy undercover- detective appearance with a sturdy metal exterior, a comfortable handle, and snap-shut locks. All tools are dishwasher-safe with a lifetime warranty and a rust-resistant mirror finish. --Emily Bedard

Charcoal Companion 19-Piece Stainless-Steel Barbecue Set with Bonus Grill Mitt
This definitive 19-piece barbecue set includes all the tools you'll need for grilling steaks, burgers, chicken, ribs, and all the fixin's. The rugged plastic carrying case holds grill tools that range in length from 18 to 21 inches--plenty long to grill over direct heat. The attractive stainless-steel spatula, tongs, 3-prong fork, and knife feature double rivets on hardwood handles for durability, as well as hanging hooks. The two essential barbecue brushes--one for basting foods with marinades and sauces, and one wire brush for cleaning up the grill--also feature hardwood handles and hanging hooks. For kebab lovers, four long skewers can be filled with lots of goodies, from shrimp to zucchini to marshmallows for s'mores. With four sets of corn picks, you and your guests can give corn on the cob a roll in butter without getting messy hands. And for the grillmaster, a bright red cloth grill mitt with hanging loop is included. This set makes a great gift for the novice or expert griller. --Rhonda Langdon

El Paso Chile Company Scorch The Porch Deluxe BBQ Set 1 set
No description

LamsonSharp Tail Gater 4-Piece Stainless Steel and Rosewood Barbecue Tool Set
This snazzy, four-piece barbecue set includes everything you need for an elegant cookout: a turner, a two-pronged barbecue fork, serrated tongs for extra grip, and a basting brush. Made of high-carbon stainless cutlery steel with smooth, stay-cool rosewood handles, they're sized for portability (handles are 10 inches long) and for use with smaller grills. Keep a set in your car trunk for tailgate picnics--the pocketed storage pouch makes it easy to tuck this package into small places. The handle holes have leather thongs for hanging (and besides, they look cool); brass rivets ensure strong connections. To keep the rosewood's luster, it's best to hand wash and dry the tongs and rub the wooden handles with a food-grade mineral oil from time to time. The set carries a lifetime guarantee. --Sally Anderson

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