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Kabob Rack

Rack for grill kabobs and grilling.

Buckaroo Barbeque Kabob Rack and Skewers
No description

Copper Kabob Rack by Outset, with 6 Skewers
No description

Grilla Gear Kabob Rack and Skewers
Not only is grilling fun, it also leaves you with extremely tasty dishes--when it's done right. Grilla Gear's kebab rack and skewers make it much easier to grill kebabs to perfection. To guarantee even cooking, the rack holds the loaded skewers at a constant level in relation to the heat. The skewers also have flat blades, which keep food from sliding around when it's being rotated. The 16-1/4-by-10-inch rack folds in half for storing, and both it and the 13-1/4-inch skewers have a nonstick finish.--A.J. Rathbun

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