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Meat Tenderizer

Meat tenderizer for grilling the perfect steaks.

OXO Good Grips 1057946 i-Series Meat Pounder
OXO's i-series meat pounder flattens or tenderizes boneless cuts of meat and poultry for use in marinades, sautés, and tender baked dishes, and is specially designed to absorb the impact of hammering so your hand stays comfortable throughout. This meat pounder features pyramid-shaped teeth and a cushioned handle with a unique nonslip grip. Use the side with the pyramid teeth for tenderizing, or use the pounder's smooth top to efficiently flatten meats. The entire head employs a nonstick coating so meat fibers and juices clean off easily. The pounder weighs a robust 24 ounces--enough to do most of the work but not enough to tire you out--and is dishwasher-safe. --Rivers Janssen

OXO Good Grips 26191 Meat Tenderizer
If you're fond of thin cutlets or like your meat tender as butter, this meat tenderizer is the tool for the job--it's got a flat side for pounding and a textured side for tenderizing. This hammerlike gadget features one-piece aluminum construction for strength and durability. The large, comfortable handle is made of brushed stainless steel with rubber fins for comfort and will remain cool to the touch. It's also nonslip under wet or dry conditions. And the large hanging hole in the handle makes storage easy. This tool must be washed by hand. --Laurie Notaro

MIU France 2-Pound Meat Pounder
This 18/10 stainless-steel meat pounder flattens chicken breasts to a uniform ¼-inch thickness for Chicken Parmesan or pounds beef to an almost transparent thinness for carpaccio. The pounders hefty 2.2-pound weight does most of the work with little effort on the chefs part. This meat pounder has a 3-1/4-inch pounding surface and a 4-inch-tall handle that is comfortable but, considering the pounders smooth polished mirror finish, could get a little bit slippery. This tool is dishwasher-safe for easy and hygienic cleaning. --Cristina Vaamonde

Mr. Bar-B-Q Meat Tenderizer
Leverage all 48 blades of Mr. Bar-B-Qs meat tenderizer to considerably improve steak-nights featured item. Each blade finishes with a sharp-angled tip to pierce even the toughest cuts and transform meat into a tenderer version of itself. When softening isnt a priority, using this tool prior to marinating enables rapid and deep flavor absorption.

Featuring smooth edges and a rectangular shape, the durable plastic handle extends over the entire bladed surface to provide a cut-free, comfortable hold. After use, a coordinating blade protector fits snuggly in place for safe storage. This tool measures 5-3/4 by 4-1/4 by 1-3/8 inches when capped, comes with a one-year limited warranty, and is top-rack dishwasher-safe. -- Amy Arnold

Deni MT48 48 Blade Meat Tenderizer
This tenderizer not only hastens the cooking and marinating time of meats, fish, and poultry, it also significantly improves the flavor and texture of gamier meats such as venison or pheasant. In addition, the tenderizing process reduces shrinkage during cooking, so meat retains much of its original, pre-cooked size. 48, razor-sharp, stainless-steel prongs aligned in three rows of 16 blades each; pierce any cut of meat--including entire roasts, chickens, or turkeys. This tool can be used to prep food for any cooking method, whether it be grilling, baking, braising, broiling, or roasting. A rectangular-shaped, plastic handle and plastic cover safely contain the tools super-sharp blades during storage. For easy cleanup and hygienic safety, the tenderizer is dishwasher-safe. Denis parent company, Keystone Manufacturing Company, provides a two-year, limited warranty on this product. --Cristina Vaamonde

Meat Pounder - Soft grip
Sooner or later, every cook needs a proper meat pounder for flattening chicken-fried steak, chicken breasts, or veal scallops, or for evening out the thickness of butterflied leg of lamb so it cooks uniformly on the grill. This one's as good as they get. With a professional weight (26 ounces) and size (3-1/4 inches in diameter), it's heavy enough for quick work but small enough for precise maneuverability. Made of mirror-polished stainless steel, with a santoprene handle to provide a sure grip even when wet, this essential kitchen tool should last a lifetime. --Fred Brack

MIU France Stainless-Steel Rolling Meat Tenderizer
MIU France makes kitchen tools that combine style and function. This meat tenderizer is practically a work of art, made from 18/10 stainless steel in a highly polished finish that not only looks right at home in a modern kitchen but is quite durable. The stainless-steel housing protects hands and fingers from the five saw-like blades studded with ultra-sharp teeth. When the blades are rolled over raw meat, the sharp teeth cut through connective tissue to make inexpensive cuts of meat more tender. After use, the blade component removes for easy cleaning in the dishwasher. Great as a gift, the rolling meat tenderizer measures 7 by 2 by 3 inches and is covered by a lifetime warranty. --Ann Bieri

Norpro Professional Meat Tenderizer
This professional-grade tool, with stainless-steel prongs to break down tough meat fibers, provides controlled, uniform meat tenderizing. You can also use it to pierce meats before they're marinated so flavors penetrate deeply. The 2-inch-diameter plastic disk on the bottom is spring-loaded. It provides precise control when the tenderizer's handle is pushed down, so the prongs pass through the disk's holes and into the meat. When you release downward pressure, the handle springs up again, poised to tenderize another section with the same smooth, uniform action. This durable, heavy-duty tool (7-1/2 inches high) will last a lifetime. It's dishwasher-safe, too. --Fred Brack

Hoffritz Stainless-Steel Meat Tenderizer
This hefty meat tenderizer is designed to make even the toughest cuts supple. Grids on both sides of the head are easy to clean, and the handle serves as a hanger for storage. Hoffritz products are designed by a team of engineers who combine their ideas with those of a state-of-the-art computer workstation to develop the best products that they (and artificial intelligence) can imagine. Here, the result is a sturdy meat tenderizer designed to provide balance and leverage for softening meat upon impact. --Linda Dahlstrom

Nor Pro Grip Ez- Professional Meat Tenderizer
No description

Jaccard 15 Knife Meat Tenderizer
No description

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